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Re: Where to start with a seized (Alfa) engine

Subject: Re: Where to start with a seized (Alfa) engine
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 01:50:51 -0400
>A friend of mine was just given a 1986 Alpha Romeo with
>a seized engine.  He knows nothing at all about the 
>condition of the engine.  

It would be important to look at the cylinder sleeves to make sure they are
sealed, and also inspect the block carefully for cracks-they are not
uncommon. (I'm not sure if it's a V6, mostly I've seen the 4 Cyl alfas.)

I believe retiming the cams is easier than it's sounds like, wether it's
intake & exhaust cams, or right/left bank cams.  It's much more important it
make sure it doesn't damage the block-really spends for this! (The cyl
sleeves are available for replacement, and are not all that expensive).

I think I would recommend taking off the oil pan, and checking that the
connecting rods/bearings are ok.  (Oil in cyls sure helps, too)

Take care, Scott M Ryan

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