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Re: maximat 7??

To: "Richard George x 7247 (sun)" <>
Subject: Re: maximat 7??
From: "Michael D. Porter" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 13:34:10 -0700
Richard George x 7247 (sun) wrote:


> The problem is that I can't find any info on these beasties (are they
> no longer imported/made?) - does anyone out there have any idea what the
> specs on these are/were?

I believe the unit is German-made (expensive parts), and the 7 refers to 
the swing over the bed.  Which probably translates to 3 to 3-1/2" useful 
swing.  I think about 18" maximum between centers, so more like 11-12" 
useful with a chuck and tailstock installed.  Milling attachment bolted 
to the backside of the bed.  Last distributor I knew of who carried them, 
and this was several years ago, was Blue Ridge Tools.  Don't have an 
address handy, but they used to regularly advertise in the machinery & 
tools section of the classifieds in either Pop. Mechanics or Mechanix 
Illustrated or both.

> Thanks in advance,
> rkg
> (Richard George)

My other Triumph doesn't run, either....

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