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Re: Bench Drill press Recommendations

To: Osborn Todd <>
Subject: Re: Bench Drill press Recommendations
From: Scott Paisley <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 09:12:46 -0600
Osborn Todd wrote:
> I looking to get a bench drill press, 10 or 12 inch. 
> The Delta 12", 1/3 hp at the local hardware store look's good 
> for $200, anybody have other suggestions.

Don't get less than the Delta 12".  The Difference between the 10"
and 12" Delta is more than just power.  The 12" has a crank handle
to raise an lower the table which is very nice for fine adjustments.

Just remember:

    "When you pay for quality, you only cry once."

    "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the
     sweetness of low price is forgotten."

> I want something with enough power to handle 1/2" drill through
> 1" steel in a reasonable time. Thanks

Just be sure to clamp your work and use cutting fluid.  You won't 
have any problems.


-Scott Paisley

PS I have the Delta 12" bench model.  :-)

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