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Prices on MOSS-Parts Catalogues

Subject: Prices on MOSS-Parts Catalogues
From: (Peter Juergens)
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 96 11:02 +0100
Hi Everybody,

is someone there who can post me pricelists (especially UK ones)
for the following catalogues / Performance Manual ?

TR Sportscars 1953 - 67         # MGL 6100    TR2 > 4A
TR Sportscars 1967 - 76         # MGL 6200B   TR250 > 6
Triumph Spitfire 1971 - 81      # MGL 7200B   Mk IV & 1500

Triumphtune Perf.-Manual        # MGL 9800    covering all sorts of Triumph´s

It may seem funny to you, getting them this way, but MOSS(GB) / Triumphtune 
(former Cox & Buckles) denied sending the lists to good ol´ Germany, telling me 
firm I knew allready and of course more expensive.

So it´s your turn. 

If there is anyone, got these lists allready, we´ll find a way to get
those copies here without monetary harm to you.

Thanks in advance

Peter Juergens
´62 TR4 daily

>>>>>Only the fastest toy wins!<<<<<

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