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listmember home adresses

Subject: listmember home adresses
From: (Peter Juergens)
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 96 10:54 +0100
Fellow Scions,

what do you all think about including hometown and state in the
"lower letterhead", will mean at the bottom of the letter?

We´re dealing with long distances here, and it would be great to 
know were the others live.

My nightmare is something like: you´re urgently looking  for a
spare part and the guy who offered that part, for a price around nil,
on the WWW (imagine WORLD WIDE), lives in the town nearby and the f...
problem is you don´t know it!!!

Allright, here we go...

Awaiting your replies,

Peter Jürgens
´62 TR4 daily

The one with the fastest toy wins!

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