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Re: Micrometers and Dial indicators

To:, Matt Wehland <>
Subject: Re: Micrometers and Dial indicators
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 08:23:47 -0500
     >What are some good brands, good stores, and what else should I get 
     >are far as accessories and sizes?
     I have had pretty good luck with finding things like this in pawn 
     shops. You will need some test standards to check for accuracy but 
     these are relatively inexpensive. Starrett sells standards that have a 
     rubber insulator to keep your body heat from changing the length. 1", 
     2" & 3" standards should let you check any mikes and calipers that you 
     would normally use on a car. 
     As to accressories, I suggest that you go for a magnetic base for the 
     dial indicator. I would also go for a bottom plunger type DI, I bought 
     the Craftsman back plunger version and have always regreted it.
     I would also agree that a bore gauge would be more useful in engine 
     rebuilds than inside mikes. 
     Just my $.02
     Bruce Brandt
     Austin, TX

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