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Re: Coveralls

Subject: Re: Coveralls
From: (thomas walter x5955)
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 96 15:52:23 CDT
> Does anyone know of a good source of used coveralls.  I got a set in High
> School for shop and they are great.  I've always wanted another set.
> I don't use them often so used (cheap) is what I am looking for.

Check the yellow pages for "industrial clothing" or something like that.

When I lived up in Beaverton, Oregon there was a surplus place (Wacky
Willy ?) that would get the old "bunny suits" from who ever supplied
Intel.  Head to tow coverage, just the thing for painting cars or
changing diapers. ;-)


I bought a Patton 24" floor fan. Industrial item, found at Home
Depot for $94. Not bad.  Only problem is it is LOUD. Makes lot
of noise... now I understand the 30" unit is LARGER, but QUIETER.
(MSC shows them on sale... pedestal stand unit for $211).  Anyone
have any first hand experience with the larger unit? 

Tom "too hot in Texas for overalls" Walter
Austin, TX.

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