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The Paint Thread

Subject: The Paint Thread
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 1996 23:07:11 -0400
I'd like to thank everyone who took time to post information about painting
and rust-proofing my poor old rusty, paint-flaking tow vehicle.  About the
time all the information started coming in, vintage racing season began for
me and I got swamped. Thank goodness the truck runs, even if it does look
like it has a weird disease around its top edges.  It's a problem I'll have
to work on in late August.  

If anyone on this list will be at the Portland Vintage event this weekend I'd
be delighted if you stopped by. My tow vehicle is a '41 Dodge Power Wagon,
3/4 ton WWII ambulance and it will be sitting (and quietly flaking) under a
tree by the carossell er carosel er um first turns after the front straight.
 The car and I will, hopefully, be in the paved paddock area. It's the blue
Elan #26.


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