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Mailing list statistics

Subject: Mailing list statistics
From: Mark J Bradakis <>
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 03:52:36 -0400
For the month of April, 1996, the 22 mailing lists which
hosts had a total of 6,275 messages come in, totaling 9,303,895 bytes,
destined for 5,889 list addresses.

Calculating the distribution of these messages to the lists, there were
about 2.27 million pieces of outgoing mail pushed out the wire, which is
an average of about 75,000 per day.  I'll leave it as an exercise to the
reader to figure out the average message size, and how many bytes those
2.27 million pieces of outgoing mail put on the net.

The 5 biggest lists:

   List             Bytes    Messages  Members     Fanout    

autox              2166879      1372     406       557032
triumphs           1872198      1225     367       449575
mgs                1456842      1018     419       426542
british-cars       1186495       746     365       272290
mini-list          1105243       747     359       268173

Fanout is just the number of messages times the number of members.  It is
a rough approximation of how much work the machine has to do to get a copy
of an incoming mail message to all the list members.  And you'll note that
the digests for the lists are not included, as they only generate about one
outgoing message per day, though some lists have more digest than regular


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