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Tools & trailer

Subject: Tools & trailer
From: (thomas walter x5955)
Date: Mon, 20 May 96 11:10:38 CDT
Shop list has been quiet... so bear with me. ;-)

Cool blue skies, nice breeze, and a desire to "goof off" for
part of the day. Couldn't resist, fired up the '67 2000...
and it settled down into a nice idle.


Out of the garage, and first stop was to respond to a advert
for "machinist tools". Just can not pass up such a sale. 
Ironically the fellow lived less than a mile from me, but
sold most of his things last weekend.  Still was in luck
as he had a nice Lufkin scribe gauge and a 4-5" caliper...
just the thing for measuring those Datsun cylinder heads. ;-)

Also he had a 14" vanier caliper... nice German one. While
my use is limited for them, but I couldn't pass it up
at $40... new is over $400. 

Oh... I brought along some "standards" with me. All checked
OK. I was wondering how much would a 14" vanier caliper
vary over temperature (stainless steel)?


Second stop was too look at a trailer. Hmm, it was a 8'x16'
but weighed 200# empty MONSTER trailer for 5000# cap. Too big

Since I'll be towing with a '95 Ford Aerostar (max cap is 4400
pounds, but want light as possible) my ideal trailer is:

800# trailer weight
2000# capicity (Datsun roadster)
7' x 14'
tandem axle 

Any advice on trailer shopping?
Horror stories?
Anyone SEEN a small tandem trailer? 
Anyone use an aluminum trailer (wondering about durability/weight/


Tom Walter
Austin, TX.

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