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Re: Pressure washers

Subject: Re: Pressure washers
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 96 08:44:45 -0600
Item Subject: Pressure washers
     I too am looking into the purchase of a new high pressure washer.  My 
     current one is a feeble 1200 psi unit that won't get the road grime 
     off my vehicles.  It will clean off the big stuff, but when they dry 
     they still look dirty.  It has a tank for cleaning solutions, but the 
     pressure is just inadequate to do the job.  It does a barely adequate 
     job of degreasing equipment.
       I am looking for all the pressure I can afford, but want something 
     that's easy to winterize.  Do any of the 3000 psi unit have a 
     provision for cutting back the pressure?  There may be a time when I 
     want to clean my siding rather than strip it!  How much pressure is 
     too much?
       I'll be hoping there's some good info here as personal experience 
     means a lot.
                                        Clay Scott

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>Subject: Pressure washers
>Author:  Non-HP-shop-talk-request ( at 
>Date:    4/18/96 10:24 PM

>I am in the "market" for a pressure washer.   I would be interested in any 
>experience or advice that any of you may have.  I realise that the first 
>question is "what are you going to use it for?".
>Jim Ferguson

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