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Re: air ratchets

Subject: Re: air ratchets
From: aj253@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Tony Robinson)
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 96 13:04:47 MDT

>I am considering buying a 1/2" air ratchet and I'm pretty sure which 
>make I'm going to get.  Problem is, you can buy it on its own, or, 
>for about twice the price, as a kit with sockets etc.  My question 
>is, Do I need the sockets (are they impact sockets?) or can I just 
>use ordinary sockets from my hand ratchet set?
>Thanks in advance,

 You can use regular sockets on an air ratchet. Many times, they are the 
only thing you can use because of the thin walls. Impact sockets are 
thick wall and won't reach into tight spaces.
 I have used regular sockets sort of part time for quite a while. They 
are starting to show signs of rounding in the square end.
 Normally, an air ratchet doesn't have the hammer effect that an impact has.
The heavy impact sockets are nice to use, especially when the are new.
Best Regards,
Tony R.

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