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Re: Steel buildings for shop???

To: Henry Frye <>
Subject: Re: Steel buildings for shop???
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 96 06:17:18
In <>, on 04/03/96 at 11:52 AM,
   Henry Frye <> said:

>As the snow is almost melted here in the mountains of northern 
>Connecticut, I am getting ready to go on building my dream shop.  I 

I am about to do the same thing - would you care to tell me about your
dream shop?  my dreams have been very vague to date

>Manufacturers of steel buildings advertise kits that come in under $5.00 
>per square foot.  I must say this is interesting as my budget could 
>build a much bigger shop and have room left over for things I thought I 
>would have to wait for...

seems we are thinking alike - the metal structure might be much cheaper -
but the aestetics (sp?) may be less pleasing and in the cold climates they
may be colder - I am just speculating because I have no experience with

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