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Parts washer update

Subject: Parts washer update
From: Steve Obert <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 22:07:19 -0500
A while back I asked some questions about parts washers and 
received many helpful replies.  I just got everything together 
and wanted to let everyone know how it turned out.  

Parts involved:  
Plastic wash tub from home depot
15 gal rear end grease barrel
Small utility pump
Flow through brush from Grainger
Misc plastic tubing and fittings
Filter ( plastic, sold as water filter )

I decided to go with the regular green parts washing solvent as 
it has some anti-rust additives which remain on the parts. 10 
gallons did the trick.  The sink is large enough to hold a 4 
cylinder block and is deep enough to keep the splashing down.  
If I plug the sink I can partially fill it and soak parts in it.  
Next addon a nice cover for the sink and maybe some additional 

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