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Re: while we're taling about ai

Subject: Re: while we're taling about ai
From: (Gorman, George)
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 10:45 EST

IMHO the only piping that should be used with compressed air is iron pipe.  
Besides being strong enough to handle 125-150 psi without problem, it also 
allows the moisture in the compressed air to condense out thus reducing the 
demand on your in-line water traps.  PVC might be fine for sewer lines, but not 
for air.

George Gorman

While we're on the subject of air tools, there's what seems to be 
a continuous thread about what to use to plumb air in your shop...

This month's Fine Homebuilding has a small blerb about why you
shouldn't use PVC air for plumbing - the "guru" claims its because the
PVC pipe's strength is seriously compromised by temperature - I don't
have the article here, but his points did seem to make sense...


(Richard George)

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