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Re[2]: while we're taling about air tools...

Subject: Re[2]: while we're taling about air tools...
From: "Dunst, Mordecai" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 96 13:57:11 pst
     Schedule 40 white pvc pipe will hold the pressure of standard
     air compressors and as long as the pressure remains fairly 
     constant and is not exposed to uv irradiation it will last a
while.  My concern is that with presurization cycles it will crack and
fail.  I would not use it.  Schedule 80 is uv resistant and is much 
stronger but more expensive.  Why don't you use 3/8 copper?

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Subject: Re: while we're taling about air tools...
Author: at INTERNET
Date:    2/16/96 12:34 PM

Has anyone ever asked a PVC pipe manufacturer if they feel it's 
safe to use their product for compressed air?
On Feb 16,  8:58am, Richard George x 7247 (sun) wrote: 
> Subject: while we're taling about air tools...
> Hi,
> While we're on the subject of air tools, there's what seems to be 
> a continuous thread about what to use to plumb air in your shop... 
> This month's Fine Homebuilding has a small blerb about why you
> shouldn't use PVC air for plumbing - the "guru" claims its because the 
> PVC pipe's strength is seriously compromised by temperature - I don't 
> have the article here, but his points did seem to make sense...
> rkg
> (Richard George)
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Drew Rogge

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