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windshield stanchions

Subject: windshield stanchions
From: wsachse@NCINTER.NET (bill sachse)
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 19:55:41 -0500
I'm trying to finish up my '59 TR3-A and would like to some advise about my
windshield stanchions. As I understand it new ones are not available so my
question is has anyone out there had any experience with getting them
rechromed? Are there any pitfalls to avoid? How about a price range to look
for. How about recommending any shop or process. Any help will be greatly
appreciated.  You should know that the TR-3 is a warm up to start the frame
up on my '67 4-A IRS so the sooner the better to get started all over
again. I have learned alot from this current project that will help
minimize the heartburn this next trip.


                                        1959 TR3-A
                                        1967 TR4-A IRS
                                        1971 TR-6
                                        1940 FORD 1/2 ton
                                        1948 IHC KB2
                                        1989 MAZDA(oops! maybe I shouldn't
                                        mention this truck)

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