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Power Requirements for race-fab, restoration, workshop

Subject: Power Requirements for race-fab, restoration, workshop
From: Mike Gigante <>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 14:14:18 -1000
I have a brand new 60' x 30' x 12' 'garage'. Access is via sliding
doors at each end (15' wide') and a personal access door on the side.

This building is at my farm and does not have any city power -- I have
to power it with a generator.

So, I am trying to solicit advice on the size of the generator I'll need.
We run 220V/50Hz here.

How many amps should I allow for? I'll have lights, compressor, machinery
(lathe/mill etc), welders (MIG, arc, maybe TIG one day), etc etc.

The local machinery shop is trying to sell me a 12.5KVA diesel generator
which I'm worried may be too small...
12.5KVA corresponds to ~ 55 amps. This is a single phase generator (but 220V

I'm worried about peak amps when striking an arc, with the lights going, the
compressor going and maybe the air conditioner too (it will be 80F today,
90F tomorrow and 95F Wed according to the forecast - and hotter in the

Any advice please?

p.s. We do not live on the same block, so this is totally independent of
house/living requirements)
Mike Gigante
3D interactive graphics, Virtual Reality, british sports cars, and wine      

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