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Life after lacquer

Subject: Life after lacquer
From: "Steve Manwell" <Steve_Manwell@WE-KNOW-ENERGY.XENERGY.COM>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 96 15:55:54 EST
     I have heard that it is no longer possible to buy acrylic lacquer 
     paints and solvents here in Massachusetts and that similar national 
     reg's.  are coming along to reduce VOC emissions.
     It's been a few years since I painted a car (a Triumph Herald), so 
     what's a DIY painter to do now?  From the information I have gathered, 
     it looks like I can do primer and sanding with standard compressor, 
     spray gun and charcoal respirator.  Available top coat materials, 
     though, seem to be difficult to work with (i.e. you can't sand out or 
     rub out sags, dust and bugs!) or extremely hazardous to your health 
     unless your have a fresh air supply.  Maybe the best approach is to 
     fill and prime to the point where the car or panel is ready for a top 
     coat and then have a body shop do the rest in the paint booth.  Their 
     HVLP equipment will consume less of the expensive material too.
     Is anyone doing top coats in home shops anymore?
     Steve Manwell

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