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Re: Thank you Moss, and OEM part needed

To: "James Fischer" <>
Subject: Re: Thank you Moss, and OEM part needed
From: "S. Allen" <>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 14:00:00 -0500
Hi James,

Despite what I'm going through with the bumper I wouldn't be so hard on
them.  As someone who remembers helping his father scrounge for parts in
junk yards for his '51 back in the 70's, I recognize the service Moss does
for the community.  I even remember in one case it took him two months to
get a part for his steering column from England back in '78.  It's nice that
I have no such worries today.  However, I've run into too many problems with
their parts, particularly the rubber ones to use them as anything but my
supplier of last resort.  Unfortunately as time goes on it becomes more and
more common that I find myself in this situation.

Regardless I've reported the issue to their technical department and am
waiting to hear back.



On 12/30/06, James Fischer <> wrote:
> > Not a bad read really;
> >
> -The-Subject-Of-Quality.aspx
> Hand waving and disingenuous misdirection towards their suppliers,
> when what Moss should have provided long ago is a website with
> detailed photos of every part they sell from multiple angles,
> complete with dimensional overlays.  (Its not like digital
> cameras, disc space, and website bandwidth are expensive, all
> three get cheaper every year.)  Heck, they should enclose a
> CD-Rom or DVD of the same stuff with every catalog.
> (snip)

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