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RE: Spit cams?

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Subject: RE: Spit cams?
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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 08:21:27 -0400
The Mk 1 and Mk2 engines (FC prefix engine#)were 1147cc and had replacable cam 
bearings. The early 1296 with the FE and FD prefixed engine (small crank) also 
had the replacable cam bearings. The cam shaft journals were the same size on 
these engines as a result of sharing the common cam bearings.
Differences started when the 1300 (1296 w/ an FK prefix) engine went to it's 
large crank version. These engines did not have cam bearings and as was later 
done in the 1500cc engine (FM prefix engine #), the cam shafts ran directly in 
the block. What a number of folks have done is to use cam bearings in these 
later engines and then use a cam with the smaller journals. Works quite well in 
The difference in cam journals then between the small and large crank engines 
is equal to the cam bearing dimension.
Glad to elaborate if needed.

Russ Moore

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Subject: Spit cams?

Quick question, I think, I thought I knew this from memory.  Oh well.
Do the Spit 1147 and Mark 3 1296 have the same size cam journals, and the
Mark 4 1296 and 1500 have a different size?  Or did the resizing occur
with the 1147 to 1296 change in the Mark 3?


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