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RE: mosport border crossing thoughts

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Subject: RE: mosport border crossing thoughts
From: "Russ Moore" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 10:46:20 -0400
I have never had any issues with going into Canada. I am too lazy to make a 
listing of all the items and was never asked for it. In the past I have brought 
20 gallons of fuel with me and have never even been asked to open the trailer 
so it was a moot issue then. Maybe this year will be different but I would be 
surprized if it was. Keep in mind, as an answer to those who have asked me how 
they can prove they own their racecar, the logbook should be able to document 
that. I also carry a few past race programs that also have me identified along 
with the car. Keep in mind, Canadians cross into the US on a daily basis to do 
their shopping and it's no big thing. They even go to the US to fill their gas 
tanks, and buy Canadian beer cheaper than they can in their own country.

By the way, the beer is great up there, but a bit expensive. Also, be sure to 
fill the gas tank in your tow vehicles before crossing the border, gas is also 

If you haven't already please do check out the VARAC.CA website for information 
on the festival. There is also tech information on the site so you can be sure 
not to have any surprizes at the track. Additionally, there is a customs letter 
that identifies you as taking part in the event.

Glad to answer any last minute questions. 

Russ Moore
Spitfire #49

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Subject: mosport border crossing thoughts

Good morning,
  I just got off the phone with the gentleman that signed the customs letter
in our packet, allowing us to "temporarily" imprt goods into Canada.
  In talking he brought up a good point.  He suggested we have a reasonably
accurate list of what all is in our posession when we enter canada.  That way
if a border guard questioned if we were bring stuff to sell, we could present
the list to him.  He thought this had the potential for saving a delay or
problem.  (no gaurantees though)..  He suggested serial numbers on applicable
items ... trailer, car, etc., and a rough value of what we are bringing.  This
was all just to alleviate potential concerns of whatever customs inspector we
might get.  This seems like a goood idea to me (but i really dont want to know
the value... probably scare me..)
  My specific question for him was bringing in fuel, (cheaper here, by a lot)
which I have decided against doing.  It sounds like it is okay with customs,
but we may have to pay some tax on it as it will be consumed in Canada.  The
problem could occur in what a border agent may think of the method we are
using to transport it if he thinks of it as a hazardous materia..  With the
added issue of safety, I have decided just to buy fuel there.  (I may bring an
extra 5 gallons or so....)
  Just food for thought, hope it helps someone... have a good day, & see you
at mosport.
ps.  Scott ... Matt .... one more thing to do yet I guess.  ;o( .....

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