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RE: 3 phase lifts

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Subject: RE: 3 phase lifts
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Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 16:23:16 -0500
Rumor in the Operating Room is; Henry DID in fact succeed in getting the doc
to drill lightening holes along with some fancy jointing to provide an
unfair advantage when heel toeing. This may be up for inspection at Mosport
as part of Tech! 

Russ Moore
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I did just what you are talking about. Two poster sourced locally for 

I bought a 3 phase converter, not the expensive rotary type. The company 
I bought it from was most concerned with the startup load. My lift is a 
screw type and the folks from the company were quite confident it would 
be fine. It is.

They did have concerns about their unit being able to startup a big 
hydraulic pump.

I would be happy to share more details in a few weeks when I am back on 
my feet.

I can't thank you guys enough for all the kind emails. New titanium hip 
installed yesterday. The doctor would not take John Wiley's advice and 
drill some lightening holes!

Bob Kramer wrote:
> On another subject, does anyone have any experience with using 3 phase
> lifts with a phase converter? Apparantly, used 3 phase lifts can be had
> cheap, but houses don't come with 3 phase power.
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