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[Autojumble] Auto rummage sale

Subject: [Autojumble] Auto rummage sale
From: Fisher or Elizabeth Jones <>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 22:40:27 -0500
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Just a heads-up for those of you who might be interested.&nbsp; Following
the heart attack which Fisher suffered at the end of June, his general
condition has worsened.&nbsp; Doug Doidge, a long-time friend of
Fisher's, and a CVAR racer, has very kindly offered to help me to divest
myself of the balance of the 'collection' of Fisher's auto parts
etc.&nbsp; I am almost entirely absorbed in caring for Fisher, but Doug
has offered to make himself available, and another friend may also be
here.&nbsp; Doug has posted the following message on the CVAR mailing
August 16-17, near Comfort, Texas, 8AM to 5PM.&nbsp; Sprite,<br>
Midget, MGB, Triumph, Jaguar, BMW, etc.&nbsp; Bodies, engines,<br>
transmissions, rear-ends, etc.&nbsp; Bring your trucks, trailers,
(we have no loaners), and some help for loading.&nbsp; Everything <br>
goes at 10 cents per lb. - if you don't buy it, the recycler will!<br>
Contact me for directions to the location.<br><br>
Douglas Doidge &lt;;<br><br>
</font>I have not had any time to care for the property, so the grass is
tall, and the weeds are taller.&nbsp; It will be hot, dirty, thirsty
work.&nbsp; I would really like to get rid of everything, so then at
least I may be able to get someone in to tidy the place up a bit, and
have somewhere to house the cars that I want to keep.&nbsp; Please be
aware that most of these items have been here for some time, some under
cover, some not - none of the body parts have been undercover, for
instance. The pole barn is piled high with an assortment of pieces, to
include various blocks in indeterminate condition.&nbsp; There are used
transmissions galore, again, condition unknown.&nbsp; If any of it might
be of use to you, you might consider coming to have a look.<br><br>
<font size=3 color="#0000FF">Fisher or Elizabeth Jones<br><br>
&quot;A gentleman does not motor about after dark.&quot;&nbsp; Joseph
Lucas 1920 </font></body>

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